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Intellectual Property Legal Counsel

Welcome to Kato & Associates Law Office

We strongly support acquisition and protection of our clients' valuable innovations and intellectual property rights to meet their intellectual property and legal corporate strategic needs.

Fields of Intellectual Property:
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Optical Engineering


With the globalization of the economy in the last decade, the environment surrounding the intellectual property faced incredible changes resulting in the rapid growth of the number of patent applications filed in the world. Around 40% of the applications are being filed in more than one country with almost 80% of the applications being filed in Japan, U.S.A., Europe, China and Korea of which almost 20% filed in Japan. Given this fact, the importance of acquiring intellectual property rights in Japan is an indispensable factor for our clients around the world.

Kato & Associates Law Office is a group of experienced intellectual property and legal service professionals and specialists including technical experts in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and software, foreign patent specialist, and experienced clerical assistants. We offer professional intellectual property services with the mission to provide the highest quality intellectual property and legal services to meet our clients' needs quickly and accurately.

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